Paceship Chance 32/28*:
S/V Nomadic is a 32′ IOR style racer cruiser.  This is the largest and best performing boat that Paceship ever made. IOR was set of rules designed to govern racing throughout the 70’s and 80’s. IOR has been entirely phased out in favor of other handicapping rules, but this bygone racing rule produced boats that had unique and often challenging characteristics. The Chance 32/28 has unbelievable performance to windward, rivaling most newer production boats, but is a real challenge to handle on almost any tack off the wind. Although the fleet she was designed to race against has largely been forgotten, there is a real sense of accomplishment when you have learned to master this vessel.

*not available for rental


Pearson Ensign:

The Pearson Ensign is an Alberg design and a staff favorite.  Based on the Pearson Electra; the Ensign was designed as a family oriented, one design day-sailor.  With a large cockpit that can accommodate 5 adults, the Ensign makes a great instruction boat. The boat sails well in light and heavy air, always feeling composed and predictable. The Ensign has enjoyed continued popularity through out the years thanks to its overall great sailing characteristics, and new boats are still being built today!

Sea Sprite 23 Daysailor:

The Sea Sprite 23 is very similar to the Pearson Ensign upon first glance.  The Sea Sprite is also a daysailor designed by Carl Arlberg, so they share many characteristics.  This boat is used for both classes and rentals, but is our primary rental boat.  We’ve have used the Sea Sprite for Wednesday night racing when we have enough crew and it’s signature bright color makes her easy to spot. It can accommodate up to five adults and is a perfect boat for a day sail around Casco Bay.