South Portland Sailing Center had it's beginnings as a sailing club with a fleet of dinghies in 2012.  Our classes were mostly introductory courses on small boats ranging from 10 feet to 14 feet.  As we learned about our clientele in South Portland, Maine, the decision was made to switch from dinghies to small keel boats to better serve our customers. 

The 2014 season brought many new and exciting changes for us.  We became an American Sailing Association Affiliate School and were able to offer more comprehensive classes aboard larger boats.  We added the Sea Sprite and the Ensign to the fleet and started our rental program, in addition to our ASA classes.  2014 was also the start of our relationship with the City of South Portland.  We partnered with the city to bring a positive presence to the underutilized Thomas Knight Park, a hidden gem to many southern Maine residents. 

In 2015, we added the ASA 101/103 combo course to our list of classes, which continues to be a popular class.  We had a few students join us aboard S/V Nomadic for the Wednesday night summer and fall race series hosted by Centerboard Yacht Club.  In 2016 and 2017, we had numerous students participate in the race series throughout the summer and fall aboard our little sailboat that could, the Pearson Ensign.  

We plan to continue to campaign the Pearson Ensign for the 2018 season and if there is enough interest, we will add the Sea Sprite 23 for additional seats.  If you've not yet visited Thomas Knight Park in South Portland, this summer is the perfect time to stop by!

Photo Credit:  Kerry Jacobs  The view of Thomas Knight park from the Ensign

Photo Credit:  Kerry Jacobs

The view of Thomas Knight park from the Ensign