One of the primary goals at SPSC is to create an environment that provides the best sail training program, with affordable access to a wide variety of boats. In addition to this, SPSC strives to build a community for our students that can produce more fun sailing events, while fostering camaraderie among new mariners. 

Joining the SPSC Sailing Club is the best way to support the program and the awesome projects the team has in the works to provide amazing sailing opportunities in Maine and beyond!

Memberships start at $699 per year                                                                                                            Add Additional users for $259 per year                                                                                                                                  


Members gift package

Including a locally made boat tote constructed from recycled sails, SPSC t-shirt, decal, and reusable water bottle.

Exclusive sailing opportunities

              Destination sailing flotillas at cost splitting rates!

Keep sailing all year with friends made in Maine in some of the best winter sailing locations like the Florida Keys, Bahamas, BVI, and greater Caribbean. Members will vote on locations and set dates.  SPSC will go to work organizing the rest.  Costs will be divided in accordance with accommodations/cabin sizes, etc. and complete transparency of the process will be outlined for all to see.  This is a great way to get out and sail in the best locations in the world ,while making awesome new sailing buddies from the SPSC Sailing Club. 


Member planned flotillas in Maine

Using a similar format to the destination sailing program, members will vote on ideas for summer outings in Maine. With SPSC able to supply the boats and support a good sized  flotilla, we can have similar events for a fraction of the cost of chartering from destination outfits. With options ranging from a half day trip out to an island beach for a BBQ, to a week long cruise up the coast, we are bound to make memories that will be the highlight of the summer.


SPSC is working with the Gulf of Maine Ocean Racing Association (GMORA) and intends to participate in as many sanctioned races as possible. The goal for SPSC is to provide ample opportunities for members to experience the sport of racing under sail in the best circumstances possible. With events like the MS Regatta, it is an opportunity for us to raise money for a good cause and participate in a very well organized and fun regatta.


2017 cruising world rally to cuba

2017 cruising world rally to cuba

Cocktail Cove Jewell island, maine

Cocktail Cove Jewell island, maine


Why buy a boat? Just use ours!

SPSC Member Rentals program

                             Lets face it, life is busy and complicated enough as it is. Many people underestimate the challenge of being a boat owner. In order to be able to have a well maintained and accessible boat a considerable amount of time and money goes into year to year expenses (not to mention the initial purchase of the boat) a typical budget for a well maintained 25ft keel boat can easily cost $5000 per year. Most people are lucky if they use their boats 20 days (50hrs) in a season. With the SPSC Membership you have access to well maintained boats at a fraction the cost of owning, with none of the worry about maintaining the boat or fixing unexpected broken items.

      *Boat Ownership per season = $5000    

**SPSC Member renting (50hrs) = $1500

                                           Spend your summer Sailing, not worrying!

*Based on average local cost of maintaining a 25ft Day sailor. Mooring costs, boat yard fees, storage, annual maintence, realistic provisions for wear items (sails, engine, hardware)

** Based on 50hrs of rental time. Cost of membership was not added as the price changes through season and applies to other benefits outside the scope of rental boat use. 


Discounts on SPSC offered services and products.

                             As you browse the website look for the SPSC Member Rate.  Depending on the item, your discount can be as much as 75%off. Cant find your discounted rate or would like to do something not directly offered? Feel free to contact SPSC staff and we will do everything we can to meet your needs.