ASA Courses

ASA 101, Basic Keelboat Sailing

Step aboard and learn to sail a sloop-rigged keelboat by day in light to moderate wind and sea conditions.  This course covers knowledge of basic sailing terminology, parts and functions, helm commands, basic sail trim, points of sail, buoyage, seamanship and safety including basic navigation rules to avoid collisions and hazards.  Practicing your new skills after completing this introductory course are imperative to become a successful sailor.  Check out our rental options or group lessons to get more sea time. 

Two Day Course.  No experience necessary. $595 single –  $1075 for two. 

SPSC Member Rates: $499 per seat (see member page for more details)

Price includes one-year membership to the American Sailing Association and Sailing Made Easy text book for each seat.

Classes run from roughly 10 am to 6 pm.  Please bring a lunch with you.

  • Basic Sailing Terminology

  • Maneuvers & Points of Sail

  • Navigation Rules

  • Aids to Navigation

  • Safety Gear & Procedures

  • Crew Overboard

  • Knots

  • Return & Secure

 More detailed information can be found through the ASA website:

ASA 103, Basic Coastal Cruising

Demonstrated ability to skipper a sloop-rigged auxiliary powered (outboard or inboard engine) keelboat by day in moderate winds and sea conditions. This course covers knowledge of cruising sailboat terminology, basic boat systems, auxiliary engine operation, docking procedures, intermediate sail trim, navigation rules, basic coastal navigation, anchoring, weather forecast interpretation, safety and seamanship.

Prerequisite: ASA 101 or Equivalent.*  Two Day Course.  $645 single – $1195 for two. 

                                                                                                  SPSC Member rates: $529 per seat

Includes Coastal Cruising Made Easy Text book for each seat.

Classes run from roughly 10 am to 6 pm.  Please bring a lunch with you.

  • Cruising Sailboat Terminology

  • Safety Equipment & Emergency Procedures

  • Coastal Navigation & Weather

  • Sail Plan and Reefing

  • Cruising Seamanship

  • Docking

  • Anchoring

More detailed information can be found through the ASA website:

 *If you have not taken ASA 101, but have significant sailing experience, you will need to test out of all skills required to pass 101 before taking ASA 103.  Time required to test out of 101 is billed at the private lesson rate.

ASA 101 & 103 Combo Course

This course combines both curriculums into an exciting 3 day course. It’s an efficient way to learn without losing any momentum, with the added benefit of a cost savings over taking 101 & 103 separately.  Great for fast learners, those who have prior sailing experience, and those and have spent some time studying theory and are looking to tie together their experience.

Three Day Course.  Recommended for those with recent sailing experience.  $1,035 single –  $1,975 for two. Price includes one-year membership to the American Sailing Association.  Three seats available per class.  Classes run from roughly 10 am to 6 pm.  Please bring a lunch with you.

SPSC Member Rates $899 per seat


Other Classes and Offerings

Private Lessons

Private Lessons are a great way to learn sailing in a 'one on one' format or with your own sailing crew. Private lessons can be taught on our school boats, or on your personal boat. Our captains will custom tailor a lesson plan to your goals and learning style to get the most out of every hour you spend training.  Contact us now to book

  • Half Day session: $445 (SPSC Members $379)

  • Full Day Session: $675 (SPSC Members $559)

  • Lesson Blocks 10hr-20hr @ $85 per hour (SPSC Members @ $65 per hour)

Introduction to Sailing

This three hour introductory course is perfect for someone who's never been sailing before and wants to get out on the water.  Learn the basics with one of our captains and try your hand at sailing in one of our awesome and beginner friendly Day Sailors.  Use this class as a way to learn if sailing is for you or if you just want to try something new and enjoy a day on the waters of Casco Bay.  Rates are $135 per person with four seats available per boat.  Please call to schedule. 

Group Lessons

Open to ASA graduates and Members, these 2-3hr sails will offer an affordable opportunity to practice your newly learned sailing skills. $85 per session ---- $30 per session for Members